You can upgrade your Range AFM DISABLE Module to latest Version of firmware for FREE!

All we ask is that you send us the old module WITH A POSTAGE PRE-PAID LABEL (see and the “Click and Ship” service for a very convenient way to generate postage and print a prepaid return label online!)

CLICK HERE to fill out the form that details how to return your module!

Be sure to fill the form out completely and return it with your module and PREPAID shipping label! We will return the module within 1-2 business days after receipt.

NOTE: If you experienced the check engine light/dash messages symptom (which Version 7 and later addresses), you can reset your DTCs by performing the following: Check Engine Light Procedure

Once you receive your new module, you can perform this procedure (if necessary).


You can TRADE your existing module for a different color LED module by clicking HERE and follow the instructions for payment and shipping.