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ACTIVE FUEL MANAGEMENT (AFM) DISABLERAll the Power, All the time!  Keep your vehicle in all cylinder mode! For GM I-4, V6 and V8 engines with AFMLEARN MORE …
DYNAMIC FUEL MANAGEMENT (DFM) DISABLERAll the Power, All the time!  Keep your vehicle in all cylinder mode!  For GM V8 engines with DFM. *IN TESTING* Check back in coming weeks for the release of this version!
ACTIVE FUEL MANAGEMENT (AFM) PLUSAFM Plus – GM FLEET and COMMERCIAL solutions for more MPG.  Contact us for more information.LEARN MORE …
MULTIPLE DISPLACEMENT SYSTEM (MDS) MANAGERAll the Power, All the time!  Keep your vehicle in all cylinder mode! For select Dodge vehicles. LEARN MORE …
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I have a flowmaster super 40 with dual outlets on my Silverado.
The AFM Disabler has worked perfectly from day one. I am so happy not to deal with v4 anymore.

Michael S.April 12, 2016

My Camaro SS is like a brand new car now. No more shuddering vibration and annoying 4 banger exhaust noise. Thank you Range for my full time V8. 

PatonMarch 16, 2013

Right on! Does what it is supposed to do. I still have a warranty and it’s nice to know I can just unplug it before taking it in.

J. StapulaonApril 5, 2017

Bought this to shut down the AFM and it does just that. It got rid of the hesitation of switching between 8cyl and 4cyl mode. I recommend this to everyone I know that has a Suburban with AFM.

J from NEMarch 12, 2017

Good communication and fast turn around. Thanks!

Joshua M.via feedback form

Range Technology product support and customer support are a breath of fresh air. When they couldn’t update the AFM module’s programming they replaced the device with a new one. I installed it this morning and it is working like it’s supposed to. Thank you Range Technology

William Lvia feedback form

The customer service, they responded to your question right away, an they give the info to you that needed, Thank you

Lady Snpr1via feedback form

Great Customer Service!!

Scott Lvia feedback form

The service was incredibly easy and efficient and it seems that things are done VERY quickly. Andrea was so nice to help with getting the unit working for me and getting me something I can use in my new truck. I will definitely continue to recommend this product to other friends in the Chevy family

Austin Hvia feedback form

I believe that Caitlin went above and beyond to help me with my current situation. After a few issues in the past she was very instrumental in resolving my situation. Completely satisfied!

Eugene Lvia feedback form

Awesome product!  Does exactly what it says it should and is simple as it gets.  Plug it in and go!  Thanks!

Jim Hvia email

I don’t usually make comments on products but I recently ran into an unexpected problem with my 2011 Silverado 5.3 L V8 with Flexfuel.  It consumed over 3 quarts of oil in a 5,000 mile oil change period.  I talked to the GM shop foreman and he told me the 5.3 was notorious for that and I would need an engine rebuild or replacement.  …..  My fix was to change the driver’s side valve cover to replace the PVC, took out the new 5/30 weight oil and replaced it with synthetic oil.  I installed the new Range OBDII plug in and holy cow!  My engine response is fabulous, I have gained nearly two miles per gallon on the fuel efficiency and in 2500 miles haven’t used a quart of oil.  For the money, for any money, it is the best fix for anyone with a GM 5.3L V8 with the Flexfuel design.  GM should offer one to anyone with the problem of oil consumption in lieu of trying to upsell to a newer vehicle.  Thank you all for your technology!

Rob Pvia support ticket

It took over 8,000 hours and more than 100,000 miles on the road to develop technology that customizes your vehicle to suit your driving needs.